Operator of the waste sorting plant (MBT) in the Vilnius region

We are the operator of the mechanical and biological treatment (MBT) plant in the Vilnius region. We have been successfully managing the mixed municipal waste of the Vilnius region since 2016. During the year, we sort and organize about 220,000 tons of waste at the factory.

From 2024 we started managing residents’ food waste, which is separated into orange bags and brought to our factory together with mixed household waste.

We use the innovative technology of insect larvae for processing food waste, and we are one of the first in the world to apply it to the management of household food waste.

At our factory, we follow the principle of circular economy – all delivered mixed household waste is sorted into secondary raw materials: metal, glass, various plastics, cardboard. We supply them for further processing. We turn waste that cannot be recycled into SRF product, which is then used in the cement industry.

We constantly invest in new technologies and are implementing EUR 10 million investment program, by which we purchased new equipment for glass sorting, SRF product production, and innovative treatment of food waste with insect larvae.

Municipal and food waste is brought to our waste sorting plant from the entire Vilnius county, which includes 8 municipalities: the city of Vilnius and the districts of Vilnius, Trakai, Elektrenai, Ukmerge, Svencionys, Salcininkai and Sirvintos.


To help residents sort and manage waste efficiently.


Ensure a circular economy cycle by turning waste into new products.



Zero Waste – we sort all waste and use it to the maximum.


Respect for people – we maintain good relations with employees, residents, partners, and institutions.


Innovation – we implement modern ways to improve waste management.


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Our certifications and memberships

Certificate for SRF product production

“Bureau Veritas” certificate for production of SRF product from mixed municipal waste. We meet all requirements and achieve a high energy value and biomass share.

European Waste Management Association

We are the first Lithuanian company to join the European association that promotes the circular economy and represents the European private waste sorting and processing sector.

Vilnius Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts

We are members of the Vilnius Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts. The Chamber unites about 500 Lithuanian companies from various business sectors, as well as universities, colleges and other educational institutions.

Rekvizitai.lt TOP Company

We are a TOP company in Lithuania by business stability and reliability. The list includes companies that conduct transparent business, uphold financial reputation and respect for their business environment.


Meet our management team

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Waste in our factory is processed in 5 steps

Manual sorting

Manual sorting

Employees manually select unsuitable waste: colored-transparent sheets, cardboard, glass, PET, HDPE, PP, metals, bricks-stones, tires, wood, electronics.
Rotary drum

Rotary drum

Waste up to 80 mm, which mainly consists of soil, is sifted. They are turned into compost. Waste up to 300 mm mainly consists of plastics. SRF product is prepared from large waste.
Magnetic separation

Magnetic separation

The sifted waste is further affected by a magnet, thus separating ferrous and non-ferrous metals from it. They are then sent for recycling.
Optical separator

Optical separator

Then the waste is treated with a stream of compressed air, which separates the different types of plastic because of their different characteristics. Part of the plastics is later recycled.
Ballistic separation

Ballistic separation

The dried compost is sorted according to fractions. 2D - mostly flat objects that are no larger than 2 x 2 cm in diameter. 3D is mostly glass bottle necks, ceramics, pebbles.

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We apply the highest quality standards in our operations

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While working, we follow our company’s approved Quality Policy:


We strive to operate sustainably in our factory.

Our key sustainability commitments:

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